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10 Fun Bridal Shower Games & Activities During Pandemic

Arranging bridal shower games? You can arrange one online this pandemic and make it exciting and unforgettable with the following interesting wedding shower games for everyone involved.

Let’s Roam

This shower game software is an impressive way to compete with your friends and family. The presenter can send an exclusive URL to everyone who will be attending i.e. guests need not download any software or apps to play. These unique games take minutes to setup and plan with up to 16 players. It includes easy games like themed trivia, geography, pop culture, emoji decoder, Pictionary etc. You can play unlimited games every month. 

  Price – 

 You will get 7-day free trail and then pay $19.99 monthly to host four different game nights. 



Who knows the couple best? – 

You can add these really funny game cards to your next wedding shower. Play this with your friends and family by asking questions about the bride and groom-to-be. The guest with the rightest answers win. 

What you get

Printable PDF files


Game options

It comes with two unique background options: White Background and Kraft Background.


Different prices for different cards



Would She Rather

It is one of the best game ideas. This shower game puts attention on the bride-to-be where friends and family might even learn a few fun facts about the bride-to-be. 

What you need – 

A game card and pen for every player and some fun prizes.

How to play – 

You must guess what the bride would pick when choices are given. Every player gets a card and something to write with. Give some prizes who gets the most points.

For The Girls

This virtual game requires creativity. It is an adult party game that will break the ice and get everyone sharing secrets out and it is real fun.

How to play?

To play virtually, one person should purchase the game and act as card leader. Once everyone joins a video call, the game leader can manage the die and cards for everyone else. It includes 500 diiferent cards, and one die. 





Who am I?

It is one of the most interactive games that you can play at a wedding shower. People learn a few new things about the bride-to-be.

What you need

A game card and a pen for each player. A few prizes would be appreciated.

How to play 

Each guest gets a card. Then they will write down their name and the individual memory between them and the bride-to-be. The bridal shower host will then read everyone writing loud to the group. If the bride cannot guess the right guest, that person wins a prize.


If you are inviting eight people one of the best bridal shower ideas is to download the Houseparty app which allows eight users to video chat in different rooms. Once the guests are all in a room, click the dice to start a free game.

Gaming Options

Chips, Guac, Heads Up, Trivia and Quick Draw.

How to Download?

It is available on Android, Mac, iOS, PC, and as a Google Chrome extension.




Jackbox Games

Want to keep to everyone engaged in the party? try this game. You just need a phone or a web-enabled device. Once the host starts the game, the guests will get a custom room code. All guests can go to Jackbox.TV and enter the same game. These are really funny games. You can choose from numerous games.


Different games have different prices. Refer to https://www.jackboxgames.com/ for more.

How to play?

Your phone or tablet is the controller and up to 8 people can play. The main action happens on your TV, but guests use their own mobile devices to input answers and make choices.


Another game idea is to create some custom games for the bridal shower party.Tthe host can share their screen over a video chat to show the questions. There is no limit to who can play.


Different prices for monthly, semi-annually and yearly packages.

How to Download?

Downloadable on Phone, Tablet, or Computer.




Bachelorette Bingo

An in-person game but custom template helps to play this fun game virtually.  After finalizing the card, share it with all the attendees to play along. And once somebody gets Bingo, they win a prize.


US$ 6.49



Know the bridal party

In this game, place pictures of bridal party including bridge and groom and have your guests place their stakes in guessing each photo. 

Have fun and enjoy to the fullest!

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