How to Plan a Covid Safe Wedding During the Pandemic?

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How to Plan a Covid Safe Wedding During the Pandemic?

Weddings are the biggest celebration of a person’s life. Even since a child is not even able to comprehend the fundamental idea of marriage, he or she starts planning for D-Day of their life. A day that changes the life of two individuals and their families forever. A day that embarks the beginning of a new life together.

Nothing was different in the year 2020 either until the coronavirus hit the world and started gobbling lakhs and lakhs of lives every day. People had pre-planned their weddings 2 years beforehand or more, which were all about to get canceled. However, the situation came under control after six months. But, holding weddings during coronavirus pandemic seemed risky.

It could have given rise to a more significant number of cases and could spread the disease more. However, marriages are made in heaven, and a virus cannot stop it if it is destined to happen. After several months of anticipation, the government, instructed by WHO, released some guidelines for arranging weddings during covid 19.

It is now 2021. Since then, getting married during coronavirus has turned into a trend, with minimal investment, less tiring functions, a smaller number of people gathered together, and more enjoyment and personable experience as a result. If you also want a covid wedding, then let us maneuver how to get married during coronavirus.

Limit your guest list

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The more significant number of people you invite, the more menace coronavirus can create. A gathering of more than 100 people is not recommended. Make your guests list compact and close. Invite only the people who are deeply connected with you and your would-be spouse. Inviting extra people whom you barely know, is unnecessary. It will not only help you in taking precautions during your coronavirus wedding, but it will also ensure you save a significant amount of money you would have spent otherwise on the food. Have a healthy and happy marriage instead of having a crowded and unhygienic one.

Hire a wedding planner

Yeah, we all have relatives who are the best wedding planners ever, but those were different times. In your wedding coronavirus will be playing a more active part than anybody else. And to beat it, you need a wedding planner who will arrange every single thing for your big day, keeping in mind the safety of every individual present at the wedding. A wedding planner has to abide by the guidelines formulated by the government. So, there will not be any need for you to stress about safety.

Set a budget

During this challenging time, there is always an uncertainty of everyone’s financial condition, especially when the second surge of the virus has already hit the world. Making a budget will help you figure out things more swiftly and ensure you do not face any monetary trouble later on after the wedding is over. It is not the wedding day only when people arrive at your home. The wedding functions last for at least 4 to 5 days. Make a list of guests you have invited for all those functions and plan a minimal menu for every event. Plan a budget for the decorations and other essentials. After you are all set, hand it to a planner, sit back and enjoy.

Choose a venue or a destination

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Now comes the most crucial part of the plan, the location for your corona wedding. You can choose a particular venue of your liking for the biggest event of your life. If you have a reasonable budget, then having a destination wedding will be a perfect idea. All the above plans can be executed very well if you plan a destination wedding. During weddings coronavirus, most couples have planned their day in a place far away from their home. Either on the shore of a beautiful coast or the ascent of a hilly region with a great view and a fantastic atmosphere. This helps in reducing the guest list, ensures less wastage, and makes a lifetime experience of a destination wedding.

Whatever you choose, make sure you abide by the government protocols formulated to fight the covid 19 viruses. Weddings during coronavirus will be as fun as they were earlier, only when you are healthy and safe. We hope we have been able to cover the most critical aspects. Have a happy and prosperous life ahead!


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