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The way of celebrating the unique and life-changing events has been drastically altered since the advent of the worldwide pandemic of the Corona Virus. Events involving large gatherings, like weddings, have taken a significant turn due to the same reason. During this past year, numerous couples have postponed their nuptials, and they have been suppressing their hopes and dreams to the most significant event of their lives. Now it is time to do some wedding planning, post the covid situation keeping in mind numerous conditions that will help you plan your dream wedding.

While you are planning your wedding, you must keep in mind your guests’ safety. The guidelines that have been set internationally are maintained in your marriage to maximize the safety of all the participants.

Problems pertaining to the wedding

A typical wedding in UAE lasts for seven days which Covid has impacted. The gatherings have to be shortened, and wedding planners are planning comprehensive weddings with only a limited number of guests. There are several challenges that you will be facing while planning your wedding this post covid period, some of them are,

  • There is a possibility of a lot of extra expenditure as wedding planners are short-staffed, which means payment of extra hours to the only ones working.
  • Availability of vendors and products is going to be an issue since everything is limited. 

You must have the solutions to these problems ready when you are planning your wedding. 

Make sure to keep back up vendors who will deliver to your location just in case the first one backs out.

Destination weddings

Many weddings in UAE are planned to be destination weddings but post the Covid period, and you must ensure the city has handled the situation well. The outbreak is controlled in the area before you finalize the location. If your close relatives live across the continent, you will have to plan a site that is accessible to them and choose a spot after considering all of these facts.

Some studies have revealed that destination weddings might be an excellent alternative for the post covid weddings because you will be able to keep a very intimate number of guests. You can fly down to the place of your choice, provided the location is open. This provides a lower budget for weddings and, at the same time, will have every guest tested, which is the prime goal of the moment.


How to plan the wedding?

There is a lot of uncertainty amidst the air, and no one knows about the future, but you must be excited for your day and take every possible precaution so that your wedding is not ruined; here are some ways in which you can secure your wedding.

  • Wedding planners may seem unnecessary, but it is impossible to handle and foresee as much as the professionals can do, so don’t think about the extra expenditure and hire a planner so that everything can happen seamlessly without you getting wrinkles before your wedding.
  • Maintain the guidelines of controlling Covid and book your locations according to that; make sure to keep proper sanitizing tools so that all your guests can rest assured of their surroundings.
  • Keep your guest count low. If you already have a huge guest count, then just go over the list repeatedly and keep revising it until you find the best fit list according to the guidelines.
  • Try to bend the rules and regulations and also with the venue and dates. You might not get your dream venue, but don’t be disheartened.
  • Budget is a crucial factor when you are planning your wedding. Sit with your planner and be very precise with your budget.
  • Make sure all your accessories for the wedding are purchased beforehand. Check out our Sophirabia website for a one-stop bridal jewellery solution.

Wedding ideas post Covid



Here are a few ideas post the Covid period which you can incorporate in your wedding for some fun and amusement.

  1. There needs to be a maintenance of distance between your guests; try to go for out of the box arrangements for seating options.
  2. Add some digital factors to your wedding; this will make your wedding eco-friendly, prevent waste generation.
  3. Try to couple all your pre-wedding events into one event to prevent multiple gatherings.
  4. For families and friends who live far away and are not able to attend the wedding, keep a virtual attending variant which will allow them to shower their blessings on a special day.

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