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The Ultimate Guide on Wedding-Day Checklist

Organizing a wedding can be quite an overwhelming task to pull off because there is so much going on, and so much of everything you need to handle and prepare before the D-Day. Still, with the help of a practical checklist, you can move on with the preparations seamlessly without missing out on anything.

A year to the D-Day

It feels like you just got to do nothing a year before your marriage, but in reality, if you start to lay out the plans only from then, will your wedding be a lot more organized and less hectic.

  1. Inspirations- You have to collect inspiration for your wedding if you do not have anything in mind already. If you do have something in the mind of how you want your day to be, then start scribbling it on a piece of paper, and discuss it with the decorator.
  2. Budget- A fixed account is critical when you are planning your wedding, and you must do that ahead of time to avoid a shortage of funds.
  3. The guest list- Choosing whom you want to invite at your party can be more time-consuming than you expect; better start finalizing.
  4. Fix the date- The most important thing here is to fix the date you will be get hitched on.

9 months to the wedding

The workload keeps increasing as the date comes closer; here is what you need to do 9 months before the wedding.

  • Venue- You should book the venue and the menu to avoid any last minute complications and make sure you get your dream location for the wedding.
  • The dress- It is not just about choosing the dress, but there also comes matching jewelry, veil, tiara, makeup so you have to choose the dress first so the rest can follow. Additionally, you will need to schedule multiple fittings so that you look perfect for your ceremony.

6 months to the wedding

  • Finalize the invitations- Get your wedding card design locked and get them delivered to their recipients. Keep a tab of the RSVPs.
  • Fix the bridesmaid dresses- Who doesn’t want matching bridesmaid dresses? Plan what color you want and also finalize your bridesmaids.
  • Arrange for some transportation- The ones you will be using and also some of your guests.

4 months to the wedding

  • Fitting- Visiting for the fittings of your dress.
  • Accessories- Visit a bridal accessory expert where you will be able to find tiaras, veils, jewelry, and all other accessories under one roof.

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  • The cake- Taste and finalize the cake that you want for the wedding.
  • Hair and makeup- Make sure to book your favorite artists.

2 months to the wedding

  • Fitness – Keep an eye on your fitness levels, and start with your beauty regimen. You need to be energetic on your big day and also have your skin and face glowing and smooth as silk, don’t you?
  • Trial run – Do a trail run of the carious ceremonies with your significant other and family members. Keep an eye on the dress and ensure all systems are in place and will get activated at the right time before the big day, at their designated times.

When you have almost reached the date, you will find there aren’t many things that you need to huff about because everything is already sorted out. So sit back and make sure to double-check everything so that there are no loopholes.

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