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Tips To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Shoes

Finding the ideal shoes to complement your wedding gown can take long but is necessary. Your outfit involves more than just your gown; it also includes your hairstyle, jewellery, accessories and most importantly footwear. It’s foolish to spend a lot of money on a gorgeous gown just to wear it with the wrong shoes. But considering the number of factors to take into consideration it may seem difficult to choose the perfect pair of shoes. 

The venue, theme, weather, budget, style of dress and most importantly your personality play a great role in determining the perfect shoes for you. You might be confused and have several questions.But that is good! Let’s help you solve your problem! 

Match it Perfectly Or not at all!

Exact Match V/s Absolute Contrast

Pink Wedding Shoe for bride

Most of you are probably thinking about this mission. Do I really need shoes that match the outfit perfectly? It’s only the shoes; my gown is stunning; a little off would work, don’t you think?

No way! And, to prevent seeming as though you tried and failed to choose decent shoes, make sure they either completely match or are a total contrast.

If you wear shoes that are near but not quite the same colour as the dress, it will be quite noticeable, especially in pictures, which will pick up tiny undertones in the fabric that aren’t so visible to the human eye. So, here is something that will help you.

To Get A Perfect Match

It is very important that the material as well as the colour need to match. While looking for them, here is what you can do:

Use Your Dress Designer

You might get your shoes from the same designer who created your gown. This ensures that the colour, texture, and style are all appropriate for your bridal gown.


You may order some extra dress material and have another pair of shoes you purchased wrapped in it. This is frequently less expensive than purchasing designer shoes and ensures a perfect match provided the shoes are fit for covering and are skillfully covered.

Carry A Swatch

It is best to carry a small piece of extra dress material while you go to buy your shoes.If you’re lucky, you might be able to find shoes that precisely match your outfit. 

Dye it

You might look for a company that specialises in dying bridal shoes to match the gown. They provide a wide range of traditional styles and materials, and if you send them a piece of your bridal gown material, they may dye a pair to your preferences.

Dare To Be Different

Brightly coloured, high accessorial shoes are very fashionable and fabric corsages or crystal studded straps have been trendy. They make up the latest designer shoes! You might be worried that it may pop up. But, brides these days are getting more adventurous with their birthday shoes and so can you. It injects a little personality into your wedding outfits.So, if you dare to go contrast, have a glimpse at these few things.

Match Your Accent

Finding a pair of bridal shoes that matches the colour of your bridesmaids’ gowns or your wedding bouquet is a terrific way to bring your entire theme together. This is especially effective if you have a strong accent colour, like deep red, against an ivory gown.

Look for metallic shoes

Metallic accessories are a popular choice for brides and bridesmaids alike, and selecting wedding shoes in gold, silver, bronze, or metallic pink will make a statement while also complementing your gown. Check if the shoes complement your jewellery and clothes.

If Not Dress, Match It To Your Accessories

Wearing contrasting shoes can pop up sometimes. What you can do is wear similar accessories in order for it to blend and make it look complete.

Set Your Shoe Goals!

You don’t want to end up wearing heels at the beach and sink every minute, do you? To avoid such instances it is always better to have analysed and thought through every problem before buying your Wedding Shoes.So,Set your shoe goals.Make a checklist of the venue, the theme, the weather and most importantly the kind of dress.Then browse and buy your shoes accordingly. Still confused about what to buy? Ask yourself, Which Bridal Shoe are you? 

Put your best foot forward

What is your personality?

Types of wedding shoes

Combat Boots, Sophia Webster, Barefoot Jewelry, Sneakers, Sandals, Heels, Pumps, Platforms, Flats

Keep it simple with barely-there white strappy wedding sandals, dress up with fashionable bridal shoes, or make a statement with embellished wedding flats. Choose a pair of flat wedding shoes to stay comfy and dance all night, or make a statement in a pair of must-have bridal heels.If you want to keep things conventional and be the star of the show, use white bridal heels to give your appearance a faultless finish on the big day. So, whichever style you choose, put your best foot forward.

Make sure that you break in them before your big day and carry heel savers, band-aids and an extra pair to stay carefree while you take your vows!


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