Top themes that you can go for if you are getting married in 2021

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Top wedding themes 2021

Traditional wedding styles are very out of fashion in 2021; apart from the celebrities and VIPs, ordinary people also indulge in theme weddings. If you can plan your wedding correctly, you will be able to save a bunch and it is also going to turn out great.

Most couples are more concerned about the venue and date, but you should also choose a theme for your wedding to make it even more special. The foremost thing should be selecting the theme because the venue should resonate with the theme.

What is a theme?

In case you are wondering what a theme is and what its job is in your wedding, then a theme is an idea on which your whole wedding will be based. A theme allows the bride and groom to feel notable and enjoy the day. Even the guests can be asked to come dressed as per the theme!

Try to keep the theme that your guests will easily recognize so that it has its importance intact.

Here are some of the top themes that you can go for if you are going to get married in 2021.

  • Beach wedding

This is a perfect theme for the easy breezy couple that does not like going overboard; this theme goes well in the fall and winter because of the moderate climate at the shore. You can put up decorations using any flowers and almost any colors of your choice because the beach wedding is a very versatile theme.

  • Winter magic

If you plan on getting married in the winters, why not try and accentuate the feel?

You can achieve the winter theme by placing some fake snowflakes on the ground, on the furniture; white décor goes best with this theme.

Don’t forget the chandelier!

  •  Relive the 50s

If you have a thing for the retro era, then considering the 50s might be an excellent theme for your wedding. For the décor, make sure to use bold colors, simple prints that will accentuate the theme. Also, ask the guests to wear something flowy and glam, including polka dots, high ponytails.

  • A Potterhead

Are you both a Potterhead?

You will significantly resonate with this theme if you love Harry Potter. Some props that will help you bring this theme to life are long tables, red napkins, tall candles, a dark color panel that will go very well with this theme. If you have an indoor wedding, try going for a library or any gothic seating or make the interior with a moody color and incorporate books into the setting.

  • Neon Wedding

Want a wedding that will glow in your guest’s minds forever? Neon is the theme to go with. Give a neon sign at the entrance, make it fun and chic and not the old boring one. Incorporate one or more neon settings that will make your and your guest’s pictures pop.

Overall, mix and match different styles and choose the ones you feel like the most because it is your wedding and you want to be the most joyous. Also, your guests will talk about the theme wedding for a long time to come!

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