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What type of veil to wear for your wedding

While you have already done so much work after selecting the right dress for yourself, choosing the right veil might appear to be unnecessary, and thus brides tend to pick up anything on the way.

We understand how overwhelming arranging a marriage can get; alongside, we also want you to look perfect on your wedding day. Here is a guide on what type of veil you should choose for your wedding that will make things a lot less tangled, and it will also not look like you have not given an effort into it.

The type of veil that you will be carrying should complement the style of your wedding dress, so here’s how to pair it perfectly.

Ball Gown

If your wedding dress is a fluffy and flowy ball gown, then you must carry a veil that lengths down to your fingertips. This will accentuate the shape of your dress and make it look grander. You can also go for an enhanced dramatic look by extending your veil down to your feet. Keep in mind not to make your veil flowy, which can bring your look down.

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A line

A-line dresses are so flexible that you can pair them with a veil of any length, and they will never bring down any look. If you want to make your overall look a bit dramatic, go for an embroidered veil that will run down up to your elbows; if you are happy with a more sophisticated look, go for a light veil and increase its length up to your foot or you can even go crazy with the size.

Mermaid dress

The mermaid dresses somewhat resemble the fit and flare type of dresses that will fit you down to the waist and flare out from the knee onwards. These dresses are complemented best with veils that end anywhere above the knees and below the waist. The fitted part will get dimension, and the veil will not interfere with the flared portion of the dress, giving the right amount of spice wherever necessary.


Mini dress

Are you going for an unconventional look for your wedding?

Try the mini dress but also carry a veil with it to steal the show. You can go for a shoulder-length veil or an elbow-length veil. Do not go overboard and make the length more significant than the size of your dress.

Tea length

If your dress is not covering your entire height, then the veil is going to play an essential part in your look, so make sure to look wisely; spice things up a little bit with a high low veil that will complement your dress.

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